Moisturizing Facial Mask


A hybrid of mask and serum, known as a solid serum.

Tromborg Treatment”s moisturizing mask contains a native cyclic amino acid extracted from an extremophile microorganism. Gives an ultimate protection of the skin. The cyclic amino acid protects the extremophile microorganism so that it can survive in a tough environment where all other life forms would rapidly become extinct such as salt lakes and salt deser ts with high UV-radiation, dehydration, extreme temperatures and a high salt concentration. The extremophile microorganism has adjusted to this hostile environment and has maintained cell stability because of a synthesis of a cyclic protecting amino acid.

As an active ingredient in the Tromborg Treatment moisturizing mask it protects the cells by stabilizing the skin cell membranes and hindering the access of allergens. Reduces reddening, itching and burning sensations of the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and has moisturizing qualities as the amino acid is amphoteric an thus able to hold water molecules in the skin. It creates a moisture-complex that protects membranes and prevents the release of stress mediators like ceramides, which mediates the inflammatory process. Inflammation is reduced through the formation of large moisture-building molecules with a strong ability to hold water. Stabilizes structures of biopolymers such as proteins, nucleic acids and bio membranes and minimizes the denaturing of these biopolymers which usually occurs when the skin is subjected to loss of water. Induces a faster creation of heat-shock proteins during stress and reduces the amount of sun-burned cells. Protects against aging from sun exposure and preserves the moisture level of the skin long-term.

The moisturizing mask also has a built-in Anti-Pollution Factor (APF)® complex consisting of plant extracts and peptides – making it the first beauty product with APF® which protects the skin against pollution par ticles. It protects the lipid membranes (skin cell membranes) against shifts in temperature, free radicals, changes in the pH and UV-radiation. Reduces inflammation caused by UV-radiation and par ticle pollution (PM) – harmful air pollution.

By simulating that they are on a diet, autophagies in the cells are stimulated in the aging skin cells – autophagy is an efficient process that not only cleanses the skin cells of waste substances but also recreates cellular functions. The essential biochemical cleaning process protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by air pollution.

The moisturizing mask gives perfect skin with less dryness. It brings back the vitality and lightness to lifeless skin.

The mask may be used as an ordinary mask to be applied and washed off after 10 to 15 minutes, or as an overnight treatment. Apply before bedtime and let it work during the night. Also, it can be used as a “solid serum”. An extra remedy under your usual skin care routine. A great additional moisture boost.

50 ML.

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