Scented Candle Patchouli


Tromborg’s Scented Candle is everyday luxury filled with the most enchanting aromas.

Fill any room with delicate, sophisticated fragrance. Six to choose from, one just as amazing as the next!

Figuier, Calming, Menthe, Patchouli, Cognac and Silence

Each candle has its own inviting and luxurious identity and evokes a story to excite the senses. Stepping into a room where a Tromborg Scented Candle is burning is a truly magical experience.

Create exactly the atmosphere you wish – the story you feel like telling – with Tromborg’s wonderful, luxurious scented candles.

NB: Always trim the candle wick to half a centimetre before lighting the candle. This will prolong the burning hours (estimated at 40 hours).

180 ML.

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