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The Future of Fashion & Luxury – Post COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the fashion & luxury industry with an opportunity to pause, reflect and rethink the future. 

The industry is no stranger to criticism and has been accused for a long time needing a change. ‘Fast Fashion’ has ridden the wave of economic growth for over a decade, taking advantage of mass consumerism with garments having a limited lifetime based on fast trends. Companies following this model are characterised by huge collections, allowing a wealth of choice for

customers, frequent discounts and low quality and cheaper clothing.  One of the key lessons learned from this pandemic and the lockdown of countries around the world is just how interconnected environmental issues are with the economy and as well with social issues. The companies of today, as well as the next generation marketplaces as DANISH REVEAL, have a huge responsibility to more than ever be committed beyond economic growth. We need to work equally with creating  social and environmental value, aligned with the 17 Global Goals.


Danish fashion is positioned within the luxury and accessible luxury space, where you invest in  the quality of the product. If we compare the cost of those cheaper garments in the fast fashion industry and the few times they are used, versus a more costly garment that lasts and stays relevant through time, we get to the conclusion that what seemed cheap ends up being more expensive. We believe it is a simple cost/utilization equation.

Slow fashion undoubtedly becomes a more sustainable option which also promotes fair trade. Smaller productions not only promote

these values, but also provide the consumer with the satisfaction of a more exclusive garment. We believe that society is increasingly aware of this.

We all have the possibility to choose how we want to change and transform the world, especially post COVID-19. We can actively take part in changing our consumption behaviour from a fast fashion approach to a timeless fashion perspective, where we tell our personal story with responsibility for society and the environment.


Rethinking the role of fashion in terms of value creation for its users, is in our perspective crucial for the future of fashion. We believe that fashion has to be part of the transformation economy, operating in the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – the need of self-fulfilment, achieving one’s full potential. Fashion has a high potential as well as the responsibility for supporting its community to unlock personal power, to empower and to form part of diversity celebration and individuality. 

Fashion has the ability to reclaim dreams and fantasy as a design asset with its optimistic point of view, following instincts and speculation towards the future. Designers respond to the world around them. So what can we expect from fashion from a creative standpoint post COVID-19? Many have drawn parallels between the Covid pandemic and a century ago, during the 1918 Spanish flu. After the first world war and one of history’s deadliest epidemics, we had a decade of social freedom, creative boom and economic upturn.

Fashion stood nearly still from the fall of 1918 to the fall of 1920 with almost no changes in silhouette or novelty,  as stated by Jonathan Walford, curatorial director at the Fashion History Museum. In the era that followed – the roaring 20s – fashion reflected a society driven

by hedonism and a desire to look youthful. Instead of suits men began wearing “sports clothes with caps, plus fours trousers and argyle sweaters. While women wore oversized hats that slipped down over their bobbed hair and the beaded, waistless, sleeveless dresses which made them look like they were playing dress up in their mother’s gowns.

We believe in a post COVID-19 era where the way we dress will be dominated by a new sense of freedom, where we dress to tell our story, to be empowered, to feel strong, to follow our dreams, and to play with our own statement. We believe that we will see a broader acceptance on how to dress for any occasion, whether that is wearing a jumpsuit to the office with heels, or a full dressed-up outfit with sneakers to the park with our kids.

Times are changing and the way we relate to it as well. We anticipate that the new post COVID-19 era is going to transform the fashion values which has been in the making for a long time now. As an industry we have the opportunity to transparently onboard the world to a new generation of fashion, through internal, human and collective values and actions which for many years have been kept “unknown” for final buyers.


DANISH REVEAL is a “Next Generation Luxury Marketplace”, born in the middle of pandemic with a fashion mindset based on modern values and empowering women and brands.

Through technology we wish to influence and form part of a new generation of fashion creating value from a human, society and environmental  point of view.

We hope to onboard you on our DANISH REVEAL movement!


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