Aroma Therapy Bath & Shower Wash Ginger


Thanks to carefully selected essential oils, Bath & Shower Wash has aroma-therapeutic benefits. Aroma means smell – therapy means treatment. No perfume, only stimulating essential oils from organic plants. Each one selected for their active effect, caring properties and enchanting fragrance.

Bath & Shower Wash is a luxury product that will gently cleanse the skin whilst adding hydration. Use 2-3 caps in the bath or on a sponge/washcloth in the shower.

Ginger – stimulating
For thousands of years Ginger has been used in both medical and culinary practices. It has a strong, warm, sweet and woody fragrance and a calming and uplifting effect. It helps to sharpens the senses and memory and has a stimulating, nerve-strengthening effect. Renewed energy.

200 ML.

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